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Charlie motions to a window directly across from the overflowing table. Let us have this one, bud. The room is pitch black, and the majority of the surfaces are covered in bodily fluids and mold. Aunque en la versión hispana, se le menciona como 33-12, en la versión en inglés, el codigo es 23-19 y los fans de Monsters Inc. han descubierto el significado secreto del código de emergencia “23-19. The 2,117 sq. So saying 2319 in Spanish would probably sound too awkward so they decided on some other number. SnakAttak: lol bs Find out what you can do. (See Record Log-08/16 and proceeding logs) ATF's current interests have become involved with the anthropomorphic animal enthusiast community, more commonly referred to as the "furry fandom". Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Este descubrimiento fue recibido con un gran aprecio en los medios sociales, con los fans de Disney Pixar elogiando la analogía. November: Hello, Mister Perry? Dylan99: you know he doesnt have any friends olliefox: its not bs here olliefox: lol that's dumb! olliefox: oh!!! Click here to edit contents of this page. MPerry: Has anyone heard from Dylan lately? Over. Links, URLs, and advertisements relating to SCP-3312 are to be neutralized via RR-113 protocols. Your Header Sidebar area is currently empty. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). olliefox: www.██████████████████.███/gammablaster-lazer-shirt MPerry: and then those people are used up in 2 months olliefox: lmao His hair is greasy and unkempt, and his eyes are bloodshot. MPerry: At all. olliefox: what's he gonna do kill someone with his fursuit?? Su asustado compañero de piso Charlie grita “¡Tenemos un 23-19!” – la llamada de alerta cuando ocurre una “contaminación”, y George es rápidamente afeitado y bañado por el CDA. Stage 4: Behavioral development devolves in tandem with shifting verbal communication. The conversations within Record Log-10/15 are assumed to have occurred 60 days following the initial creation of SCP-3312. So this time in Monster's Inc. olliefox: his name is Brownie!!! Dylan99: but i'm gonna stick to anime. Several interviews with families of affected individuals have revealed that communication between them will cease abruptly upon advancing to Stage 4; further interviews have revealed that individuals past Stage 4 consider the furry community to be their "true" family, and will only maintain communication with those who encourage their behaviors. Time is 1900 hours. Footage was recovered from the bodycam of S-88-November. It alerts the Child Detection Agency (CDA). Stage 5: Affected individuals will suffer the delusion that they themselves are an anthropomorphic character and will perpetuate this delusion by any means necessary. Hurry up and add some widgets. MPerry: You've taken my life's work, my income, and most importantly, what little social life I had where I was able to share the things I could do. Thotticusprime: that was ASTOUNDINGLY bad ¿Cómo hacer diferencia en las Relaciones Amorosas? MPerry: What the hell is that? Thotticusprime: you know he's gonna go bankrupt right I can smell the mold in the walls. I can't see any movement from the windows. Stage 2: Affected individuals will initiate their participation in the furry community. November: They told me four. Gags are audible from Bravo as they enter the house. Guarda mi nombre, correo electrónico y web en este navegador para la próxima vez que comente. Individuals affected by SCP-3312 are to be administered Class-B amnestics under the condition that they are Stage 3 or prior. El pueblo fantasma de Misnebalam en Yucatán, México. olliefox: aw perry what's wrong 3: MPerry: We like you because you can make supernatural advertisements. 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Notable behaviors of certain Stage 3 individuals have been recorded as following: - Opening of several dedicated role-playing accounts across several social media platforms, - Purchase of ███ animal costumes averaging at a cost of $██,███, - Introduction of ███ individuals to SCP-3312 via forum posts, - Consistent attempts to contact ATF member "olliefox"3, - Attempted creation of a political party concerning the desires of members of the furry community, including the right to wear animal costumes in a formal work environment, the proposal of a national animal-themed holiday, and a continued debate between the legalization or banning of "awoo", - ██ recorded arrests following a raid on a known location for parties involving the furry community; charges made include disturbance of the peace, possession and trafficking of drugs, vandalism, and kidnapping, - ██ instances of cult indoctrination at local enthusiast conventions and costume events; cult practices included sacrifice of [REDACTED] in order to "become closer with ██████"; 6 individuals are currently hospitalized for physical and psychological treatment not pertaining directly to SCP-3312. November: This is November, reporting in to command on behalf of MTF-S-88. The spread of SCP-3312 will increase exponentially when shared by Stage 3 individuals. Something I love about Pixar is there will always be a ton of captivating references and such. (See Record Log-08/16 and proceeding logs). They are notably slowed by the piling debris as they approach what is assumed to be Perry's bedroom. MPerry: These aren't even people anymore, Ollie, they're inhuman. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it.

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