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But since Twitch Studio is still in beta, OBS and Co. are still the perfect companions for those who want to go into the smallest detail when customizing their streams. Como Twitch Studio es un producto de Twitch, viene con todo: alertas, feed de actividad, y varios plugins extra. Sí, desde el pasado mes de junio, Twitch Studio también cuenta con una versión para Mac OS. There are also other settings available for color filters and fills. Both give you the possibility to start your stream without much abra-cadabra or detailed understanding of broadcasting. Hey you, this content is also available in your language. Comparing Twitch Studio with other streaming software like OBS, XSplit etc. You can rename it or create a new one with "+". This is where it all begins. Select the layout in which the webcam should be visible later. If you buy a complete package in our online store, the chosen theme and many individual elements such as static and animated images, backgrounds and frames as well as badges and alert sounds are available as individual files. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner, then tap the Go Live! Actualmente, Twitch Studio se encuentra en su última fase beta, y aún no se sabe cuándo saldrá oficialmente. To keep up to date with the latest Twitch Studio news, visit Channel Points are enabled for all Twitch Affiliates and Partners. And with that, you’re ready to stream! If you click on "Settings" in the lower right corner of Twitch Studio and then on "Audio", you can check if the microphone is set correctly. For Streamlabs OBS , download the installer and follow the brief tutorial to connect your Twitch account and set up your stream. Just go to the Twitch Studio website and download the necessary EXE file for Windows or .DMG file for Mac. Puedes añadir una webcam sobre tus escenas/layouts. Twitch studio - The ultimate twitch studio tutorial! To minimize potential harassment vectors, we’ve made sure that each of these new mechanics are just as easy to moderate as messages in chat. However, since streaming generally requires certain services to the system, those for Twitch Studio are automatically fulfilled if they are given. La herramienta es muy completa, tiene un montón de opciones y configuraciones, pero, para usarla correctamente, requiere de un cierto nivel de conocimientos informáticos. Therefore Twitch continues to recommend OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Streamelements, Lightstream and XSplit on its streaming tools page. How to do this is explained below under "Add / Change Layouts and Screen". Sin embargo, sí que puedes hacer stream a través de Twitch Studio usando una capturadora (Elgato, Avermedia o Razer) que conecte tu PS4, Xbox o Switch con tu PC. Ahí verás una gran selección de las diferentes capas que puedes integrar. Adding the source is the same, you’ll just select this different type. CÓMO HACER STREAM EN XBOX ONE - ¡LA GUÍA DEFINITIVA! Now you can repeat these steps to install other layouts. While originally it was intended for gamers, it’s evolved into a platform that showcases IRL streamers, chess players, sports, and so much more. En el siguiente párrafo te mostraremos cómo insertar las alertas, los sonidos y los emblemas. While originally it was intended for gamers, it’s evolved into a platform that showcases IRL streamers, chess players, sports, and so much more. Esto te permitirá cambiar de escena en Twitch Studio durante tu stream. Para facilitar las cosas a los nuevos usuarios comiencen a hacer streaming y para evitar que dependan de aplicaciones de terceros, Twitch ha presentado su software de streaming, Twitch Studio. You can click Start streaming and get right into things. Be sure that Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary is selected. Hit the “GO LIVE” button in the top right corner to start streaming. You could select a specific device, for instance if your default is a webcam mic, but you have a nice desktop mic, you can select the specific device here. Twitch Studio incluye todas las funciones y características que ya encontramos en otros programas como OBS y StreamLabs. You add the webcam over your stream layouts. Streams on Twitch have been watched enthusiastically by millions of people every day for years. Twitch 101. Free streaming software, designed to help new streamers get started. Everything you need to get started is here. In most cases, the time required will not exceed 15 minutes. From a Mac or PC, visit your Stream Manager page and click “Edit Stream Info.” From the Twitch mobile app, tap your profile icon in the upper left, then tap “View Dashboard.”. Twitch Studio’s current set of features were selected to specifically meet the needs of new streamers: those who have just started streaming or are interested in streaming for the first time. Twitch Studio es un software de streaming que te permite emitir directamente en Twitch sin necesidad de usar herramientas o programas de terceros. Twitch ha confirmado que Twitch Studio está enfocado a streamers que estén empezando. No, that is currently not possible. Go to Mic/Auxiliary Audio, and select Default again. Now that you’ve got your Twitch account, you need to know how you’ll send your stream to your channel on that account. Ahora repite este proceso, paso a paso, para instalar el resto de diseños en el resto de escenas. Para ahorraros el mal trago y varios pasos complejos, llega Twitch Studio a echar una mano y que la llegada a la vida de streamer sea rápida y fácil. The Twitch Studio tutorial will walk you through setting up your webcam and audio inputs. Streams on Twitch have been watched enthusiastically by millions of people every day for years. So you can easily zoom in or move the image with your mouse as it suits you best. Twitch Studio es compatible con: todos los modelos de Elgato, a partir de la HD 60S y con las más nuevas; todos los modelos de Avermedia a partir de la Live Gamer Extreme 2 y superiores y con la Ripsaw HD y SD de Razer. OBS Tutorial 2020 ⇒ The ultimative guide! We wrote an entire article about getting the best bitrate for your stream, which takes a deeper dive into finding any bottlenecks with your system or internet bandwidth. Normalmente, esto se hará automáticamente una vez que conectes tus dispositivos al PC, excepto por la pantalla verde, para la cual también tenemos un tutorial para configurarla y que quede perfecta. Learn how Twitch gives you the chance to find an audience and start building a community. There you simply click on "Download". Ahora vuelve a darle al botón derecho del ratón encima de "Layout" o encima del nombre que hayas puesto para tu escena. The Twitch Studio tutorial will walk you through setting up your webcam and audio inputs. Por ejemplo, puedes tener una escena para el comienzo del stream, otra para los juegos y otra para cuando quieras charlar con tus espectadores. You can use different encoders (x264, Intel QSV, Nvidia NVENC H.264, AMD AMF) and presets for them.For more information on this and for further instructions about scene setup you can read an article: how to setup OBS Studio for streaming. ... You can quickly set up the basic configuration for the leading streaming platform Twitch and OBS will let you know by alerting you if something is not optimized correctly. However, Twitch Studio is designed to make it easier to adjust and customize a stream. After that you can use the functions and settings you have already used. Read Again. Console streaming - How to stream from your game console! Since Twitch Studio is currently still in the beta phase, you have no possibility to use animated alerts and badges. Dive into some best practices to keep your channel growing and your community engaged. Using Default simply means to use whatever audio input is set to your default mic. These will later be your scenes during the stream and you can switch between them. Por ejemplo, empieza creando el diseño de la pantalla que saldrá al comienzo del stream. Just for now, click the top of each of these windows (Stream Information & Chat) and position them over OBS until you see a blue box behind them, let go and they will click into place within OBS Studio. To change this, click on the + next to "Layers" in the left menu. Como vas a tener varios diseños diferentes para los diferentes tipos de stream, debes poner nombres que sean claros. Twitch Studio te ofrece la oportunidad de personalizar tu stream para que sea visualmente más atractivo. OBS Studio is a free and open source software for both video recording and live streaming, the latter being the one we’re interested in. Often, prospective streamers despair of the complexity of OBS, for example. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For example, you can log in to Twitch Studio via your Twitch account and start streaming directly. I wouldn’t change any settings here, but just to note, once you launch a game, and presumably it’s in fullscreen, this source will capture it and display it in your preview window. Unlike many other broadcasting tools, Twitch Studio is designed to make it very easy for even beginners to start a stream and customize the necessary design elements. All additional features already known from other providers such as OBS and StreamLabs are also part of the functionality of Twitch Studio.

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